It seems every year around this time we start seeing the "pumpkin spice" flavors of just about everything on the store shelves.

And now short of pumpkin spice Tony Chachere's coming out, we may have just hit rock bottom.

CVS just started selling pumpkin spice cough drops. Ain't that something?!

Remember when cough drops came in one flavor -- good ole menthol? (Or maybe cherry was an option.)

I did enjoy reading some of the comments from people about this new pumpkin spice cough drop. From the website comes the following goodies:

I’m all for the pumpkin stuff during the fall, but this is too much. What’s next? Pumpkin spice toilet paper?

I told my pharmacist intern about this and she didn’t find it funny. She was all “how’s that any stranger than Ludens sour Apple or any other flavor”? Guess not everyone’s piped into the world of pumpkin spice overload!

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