CVS has reportedly teamed up with UPS to start testing out a new medication delivery service using drones. reports CVS entered into a partnership with UPS and was granted permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to make limited drone deliveries.

I can see the benefit of this service for people who may not be able to easily get out of their house to get the medicine they need, and the benefit for rural areas as well. However, something about my medicine flying through the air, possibly falling or being delivered to the wrong address has me a little uneasy.

As of now, no information has been given about where the test markets will be.

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"The drones making CVS deliveries will be automated, flying on pre-planned routes. They will carry packages up to five pounds and leave them on a household's front or back yard. A human will supervise the flights and take over if needed for safety's sake. Deliveries will be made as quickly as five or 10 minutes."

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