Chalk one up for common sense.

Back in 2013, a guy named Ronald Jackson from Grand Prairie, Texas caught his 12-year-old daughter texting with some friends to organize an attack on another kid. So he did what any good father would do, he confiscated her phone.

A few hours later, the cops showed up at his house and told him to give the phone back. Apparently the girl told her mom that dear ole dad had took her phone.

You see, Ronald's ex-wife is now married to a cop. So she called her husband and they went after Ronald.

But of course he refused to give up the phone because he said, "I didn't want the police telling me how to parent my child. I couldn't believe they would go to this extent for a cell phone. It didn't seem right."

He was arrested.

Ronald finally got his day in court on Tuesday facing a misdemeanor theft charge. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and the judge swiftly dismissed the charge.

The travesty of the situation though is that Ronald says the ordeal has completely ended his relationship with both his daughter and ex-wife, both of whom testified against him. And he's planning on going after the city and the police for targeting him.


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