Dairy Queen it's not fast food, it's fan food. That's the slogan for the chain of eateries that could be famous for their Grill Burgers or their Blizzards or their Dilly bars. It doesn't matter it's DQ and we like it.

For years the city of Lafayette went without its own Dairy Queen then in 2014 a brand new beacon of goodness opened its doors on Johnston Street and the lines were long and the customers were happy. The place was so busy it broke company records.

Like a lot of good community business stewards, the folks at Dairy Queen have a charity that they support. Much like the people at Chili's have a dine out day for St Jude, DQ has a free cone day for the Children's Miracle Network. 

Here's how it works. On March 20th all Dairy Queen restaurants across the country will offer customers a free cone. While no customer is required to pay anything you may certainly make a donation to the CMN. A lot of people will and that will do a lot of good for children in each Dairy Queen market.

Through the 32 years of Free Cone Day at DQ the chain has raised more than $32 million for charity. That's cool and delicious just like a free cone from DQ. Remember Free Cone Day is Monday at participating Dairy Queen restaurants.

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