Combat sports have a horrible history of domestic violence, from Mike Tyson to Greg Hardy to Luis Pena to Chuck Liddell and many others. But it hit a new level when the face of the UFC Dana White was caught on video slapping his wife. White is lucky that TBS and Warner Bros maintained their partnership for the Power Slap league because it was almost canceled.

The mainstream media has been very quiet about this issue due to their relationship with Dana White. However, if it was any other owner or player they would call for their job. And for TBS and Warner Bros to originally cancel the show and then bring it back is gross.

What is the new Power Slap league? It's a new league created by Dana White following the popularity of power slap competitions that have gone viral multiple times. Two people stand across from each other while taking turns slapping each other in the face until somebody gets knocked out or quits.

So instead of actually canceling the show, they just delayed it thinking people will forget. That is just gross and wrong. Then when you add Dana's comments on people who commit domestic violence and it looks even worse. And I know the initial thinking is well she hit him first. Well, I'm here to say that doesn't matter, he is still wrong.

And to just add icing on this horrible cake. The league in question is a slapping league. Whether this show and sport continue to air, the stain of Dana White will forever be tied to the league. And for Warner Bros and TBS, you just proved that the dollar is more important than what's right and that is just a horrible look for a corporation that already has a bad look for its dealings with Harvey Weinstein and the way DC Comics(a branch of Waner Bros) treated Ray Fisher.

Hopefully, Dana White and his wife can find happiness and help with their issues. But he should step down from both the UFC and Power Slap for a period of time because if players and owners lose their jobs for situations like this then a suspension for Dana White is the least that should happen.

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