Let's be clear here. This information is based on users of the dating app The League. So, don't expect to find an institution of higher learning that will guarantee you a six-figure income the moment you graduate.

Actually, the list is compiled from information gleaned by college alumni and their passion for their particular college. So this survey is more of a social ranking than an academic ranking. However, you will see several universities ranked in the top 50 that also rank highly on academic lists too.

The number one university according to The League? It is the University of Texas at Austin. Not a bad choice for academics and fun if you ask me. Austin is a great town and U.T. a great school. The survey then followed up the Longhorns with USC, Harvard Business, Arizona, regular Harvard, and the University of Florida.

Texas A&M, Georgia, and Vanderbilt were the only other schools from the Southeastern Conference represented on this list. There was no LSU. That's surprising to me. I've found the LSU alumni to be a tight-knit group that seems to be pretty sociable and easy going.

Some of the surprise on the list of schools that were considered "the best" for social connection, Georgia Tech and Emory University in Atlanta. They are both great schools but you don't think of them as social centerpieces. Those kids have too much homework. M.I.T. would fall into that category as well.

If you'd like to peruse the entire list it's right here thanks to website BroBible. 

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