It's time to move your clock ahead one hour tonight so you can enjoy more daylight. I think that's the reason they give us every year for daylight saving time. I personally wish we could just leave the clocks alone. I guess it does help in other ways. Daylight saving time is a great time to remember to change the battery in your smoke detector, that can be a real life saver. But why do we do change the clocks now? Seems to me this happened later in the year when I was a kid?

Why does the clock change when it does? According to a Daylight Savings Time Website, it was originally chosen because it minimized disruption by not preventing the day from switching to yesterday, which would be confusing. It is also early enough for the continental U.S. to switch by daybreak.

There are some places that don't bother with the clock thing and other places where the only time people know is break time and quitting time. I hope you remember to save the owners manual to your digital watch or automobile clock, those always seem to me to be the hardest things to remember how to re-set!

(via Daylight Saving Time 2011 | Daylight Savings Time 2011.)

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