Video on social media appears to show elementary school students walking through a flooded school. Apparently, the students were walking through a flooded school but online evidence points towards the incident being separate from the devastation brought to Florida by Hurricane Ian.


Many people in Florida faced devastation as the powerful Hurricane Ian passed through the state this week. We saw causeways completely flooded, people swimming in their own homes, and many more displays of the dangerous weather conditions.

Just as Hurricane Ian is making its second landfall along the East Coast of the United States, more is coming out from the system's effect on Florida. But, there is some confusion surrounding a video of elementary school students walking through flooded hallways.

Twitter via @uncensoredpromo
Twitter via @uncensoredpromo

Is the Video of Florida Elementary Students Walking Through a Flooded School Real?

A video going around social media appears to show students of an elementary school walking across a bench through the hallways of the school in order to stay out of the flood waters. Some confusion on the video has come along though, as the caption describes the clip by saying, "Florida schools open on Tuesday".

Teachers can be seen assisting students as the person videotaping the scene can be heard saying, "Nobody's gonna believe this". While many areas of Florida received flood damage as a result of Hurricane Ian, some on Twitter say that this video is not actually from this week.

Video of Students Walking Through Flooded School Debunked

See the video shared by @uncensoredpromo on Twitter below.

While people were of course concerned about students being sent to school during an impending weather disaster, some on Twitter started pointing out that the video may have been old.

While "fake" may not be the best way to describe the video, more on social media shows that this could simply be a recycled video from a past flooding incident at an elementary school.

One Twitter user suggested that this video actually came out of Houston, TX.

With local outlets in Florida reporting that 16 counties had closed school on Tuesday, it is unlikely that the flooding seen in the video was a result of Hurricane Ian. Also, the person videotaping and saying, "nobody's gonna believe this" helps give context as people would definitely believe that a school flooded during a hurricane.

So while many only continue to express concerns as to why any Florida school would be open during a hurricane, everything that can be found on social media points to this being a recycled and misconstrued video.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Florida who now begin the recovery process from the devastating Hurricane Ian.

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