Deer antler spray could be the next big thing you hear talked about in hushed tones when it comes to professional athletes. PGA golfer Vijay Singh is already under investigation for his reported use of the product. Allegedly the spray contains a substance that is deemed unacceptable by the pro golfing community.

What is deer antler spray? It is a supplement that is actually created from the antlers of deer. It is derived from antlers before they reach a calcification stage and is extracted from the entire antler. This is the time when it is filled with nutrients and the animal is not harmed in any way. Chinese medicinal practitioners have been using the stuff for centuries.

Why would you want to use deer antler spray? Some of the reported benefits include a  a massive increase in  energy levels as well as  endurance and stamina. Some users report finding they are able to rest more fitfully and get the most out of a good night’s sleep.

Other proponents of deer antler spray say it helps you stay younger looking while decreasing any aches and pains you may suffer from. It heightens your senses and gives you the ability to think clearly. These claims have not been documented by the FDA.

Would you try this stuff? Do you think there is a real science to some of these ancient remedies?