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New Orleans head coach Dennis Allen was not short of reasons to explain away his team’s poor loss to the Houston Texans and is keen for his players to take "ownership" of the faults that led to their defeat.

The Saints went into the game off the back of a convincing 34-0 success over the New England Patriots but went down to a 13-20 loss. They outgained the Texans in a big way (430 to 297) but were seemingly unable to convert their chances and therefore lost out. Houston now also has the same 3-3 record as New Orleans.

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Dennis Allen went into great depth as to why things weren’t quite happening for the Saints in their NFL Game Week Six encounter, according to the Associated Press.:

"When you're not scoring down there, there's a lot of factors that go into that. Can we call better play calls? We probably can. And yet, if we execute some of the plays that are called, we might see some better results. All of us have to take ownership in that. All we can do is just go back to work and continue to grind at it. I just believe that eventually it's going to turn around for us."

His views were pretty much echoed by quarterback Derek Carr, according to the same Associated Press article.

"We moved the heck out of the ball," Carr said, according to the article, commenting on plays "where you go back and you look at it and you're like, 'Not everybody was on the same page.”

"We feel as an offense, as players, if we can do better there, we can help the team win," Carr added in the article.

This is Dennis Allen’s second season in charge of the Saints, and last time around, his team suffered their first losing season since 2016, and the pressure is very much on the 51-year-old, who returned to the Louisiana team in 2015 as a senior defensive assistant after two years as head coach at the Las Vegas Raiders.

Previous head coach Sean Payton certainly achieved more during his tenure, taking the Saints to the postseason in five of his eight seasons in charge, having won the Super Bowl in his first spell in New Orleans.

It’s been an up-and-down season thus far, with New Orleans securing wins over the Tennessee Titans, the Carolina Panthers, and the New England Patriots, three teams that have just three wins between them this season.

Next, they host the Jacksonville Jaguars at Caesars Superdome, and Allen will be looking for an immediate response from his embattled players.

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