Just a few months ago kids were eating laundry detergent and showing the world on the Internet. Before that, we saw all kinds of people choking on cinnamon. Now we're seeing another Internet challenge that could pose a major health risk to anyone dumb enough to try it.

It's called the deodorant challenge and basically, the concept is to see how long one person can stand to let another person spray aerosol deodorant on their skin. It might sound harmless but if you look at this Facebook post from Jamie Prescott you can see it's not just fun and games.

Those welts and burns don't look like innocent fun to me. Hopefully, your children are not involved in this current internet fad. But if you happen to notice deodorant suddenly missing from your bathroom cabinet it might be time to have a talk.

I thought the Internet was supposed to make us smarter. It appears now after planking, grocery cart riding, and milk jug smashing while slipping, it only is a vehicle for the lowest of our life forms to demonstrate their need for further evolution.

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