Louisiana has gotten quite a reputation among movie makers. Not only does the topography and natural beauty of our state lend itself to creating a great backdrop for storytelling. We also have some very unique cities and very unique structures that can really add a dramatic element to the story that is being told.

Such is the case of the DeRidder Gothic Jail. All you have to do is look at a picture of the building and let your imagination run wild. It truly is an inspirational structure that would tend to lend itself to the telling of a good thriller or mystery.

The DeRidder Gothic Jail is currently being featured in the Netflix Film entitled Eli. The story surrounds a young boy who is being treated for a very rare disease at an isolated clinic. The DeRidder Gothic Jail serves as the facade for that clinic in the film.

Officials in Beauregard Parish hope the fact that the use of the building in the film will lead to tourism dollars in the parish. Since many movie and film locations seem to take on as much star power as some of the human actors, I wouldn't be surprised if movie buffs didn't start including DeRidder as one of their must-see stops as they track down iconic filming locations.

The film, Eli, debuted on Netflix this past Friday. Oh, and if you love a good scare, the jail is actually open during the Halloween season as one of the scariest haunted houses you'll ever tour.


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