Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Haspel

Congressman Vance McAllister and "honorable actions" have not been used together in the same sentence in quite a few months now. You might recall McAllister was captured on video tape passionately kissing an office staffer who was not his wife. This did not play well since his campaign for congress had been based on family values.

Well it turns out that maybe Vance McAllister is somewhat of an honorable man. He has apologized for his indiscretions. He has reportedly attempted to repair his relationship with his own wife and family.

While those actions might seem like those of a guilty pig trying to keep his bacon out of the frying pan he has at least done one thing I would never expect a politician to ever do. He has returned money. That's right he has returned several thousand dollars in campaign donations to the woman he was seen kissing  and her husband.

Melissa Peacock and her husband Heath Peacock were both financial backers of McAllister's congressional campaign. After the video tape surfaced of Ms Peacock and McAllister locked in a passionate embrace and the subsequent media storm that followed, it only seems right Vance should return the contribution.

According to reports the Peacock's and McAllisters were friends but the video tape kind of cooled that friendship off quite a bit. So in papers filed with the Federal Election Commission there is proof that McAllister might have at least some decency about him. He returned $2600 in campaign contributions to Ms Peacock. He also returned a $2600 donation from Heath Peacock.  It's good to know that while he might fool around with another man's wife, he won't fool around with her and take his money.