According to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, some 100 residents in the state of Louisiana have been the recipient of a package from China. No, it wasn't a package that they ordered, the package just arrived.

Inside that package was a smaller packet of seeds. Exactly what those seeds are and why they were sent to certain addresses in the United States is uncertain. However, we do know what you should do if you happen to have received a mystery package of seeds.

Here's what Dr. Mike Strain, Louisiana's Ag Commissioner says for you to do.

Whatever you do, do not open the packet.  I repeat, do not open the packet.  Call us here at the Department of Ag and Forestry.

Since those seeds are an unknown commodity at this time there is no telling what they could be. Lord knows we don't need another invasive species gaining a foothold in our state's agriculture economy.

But Louisiana isn't the only state where residents have received the unsolicited seeds. The arrival of the seeds first was reported in Utah but shortly thereafter the USDA started to receive notices from Maryland, Virginia, Louisiana, and other states of the unwarranted and unwanted parcels.

In each case officials are quick to ask residents who received the packages to call local authorities and let them handle the disposal of the potential biohazard. Another confusing aspect of this unique seed dispersion is the fact that the packages of seeds are not always similar.

So, who knows exactly what kind of plan is being hatched. The bottom line is this, we don't want any of those seeds green and growing before we know what they are and what potential troubles they might bring.


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