You know, you really do learn something new everyday. St. Martinville native and musician T.K. Hulin was once in a band with world famous blues legend Edgar Winter!

According to the Acadian Museum, In 1964, when T.K. was 20-years-old, he formed a 12 piece band that included Edgar Winter.

Winter would drive from Beaumont, TX, and would stay at Hulin's home on the weekends.

Edgar Winter, of course, went on to write and record his most famous hit "Frankenstein," with his band, The Edgar Winter Group, released in 1973.


I don't know, sometimes I'm late to the game on things, but I've never heard about this. I'm sure many people from around Acadiana have stories about a young Edgar Winter gigging around Acadiana with T.K. Did you or someone you know ever see Winter playing with T.K.?

T.K. Hulin has had plenty of success in his own right, with his hit, "I'm Not A Fool Anymore," reaching number #25 on the National Billboard chart.

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