Many tech organizations are writing about a problem that currently exists with Apple's Safari browser that could lead to security risks. The web browser that Apple has for its products like Mac, iOS, and iPadOS is under scrutiny right now because there is a flaw that might allow some of your Google Account data open to potential theft.

According to the website fingerprintJS, the security flaw issue has been going on since last year, but January 16 was the date that Apple said they began to work on a fix to debug the issue. In essence, related sources show that the issue was first written about on November 28, but it wasn't until this past Sunday that
Apple started working on a patch.

Taking a look at a calendar shows that for about seven weeks there has been a security issue that could potentially put your data at risk.

What Do You Do?

You can download and use a different browser for your phone, like Google Chrome, or duckduckgo for example. Sounds simple, but if you use Apple products, like iOS, then guess what? They don't let other companies make things like browsers for their products so what you get is just a cover. Jake Peterson explains it this way,

Apple, being Apple, doesn’t let developers make their own full-fledged browsers for iPhone and iPad. Instead, developers get to add their browser’s features to Safari, and “sell” it as a separate browser. While Chrome on iOS might seem like the mobile version of the desktop browser, it’s really Safari with a Google skin on top.

Basically, he boils it down for us that security risks exist right now for your iPhone or IPad if you're getting o the internet.


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