Every year in the days approaching Valentine's Day we take a moment to reflect on the state of romance and relationships in our culture, our country, and our state. One of the most recent studies in the vein of thinking comes from a website called QuoteWizard.com.

Their survey took a look at data on marriage and divorce rates in the United States as gleaned from statistics gathered by the National Centers for Health Statistics. The Quote Wizard study looked at the data comparing marriage and divorce rates for the past ten years.

The findings indicate that love is alive and well in Louisiana and more of our state's marriages are being built to last. The Quote Wizard study showed that Louisiana has had a 22.73% decrease in divorce rates over the last 10 years, making it the 12th best rate decrease of divorces in the country.

That same study also showed that Louisiana’s marriage rates have also decreased by 28.17% in that same time period. Which does take some of the sparkles off of the decreased divorce rate statistics. I mean it's hard to get divorced if you're not getting married right?

If you were wondering, the states that lead the nation in couples getting married include Mississippi, New Mexico, and Massachusetts. The states that lead the country in reduced divorced rates included Illinois, Kansas, and West Virginia.

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