There was a time when "meme" was somebody's grandmother or that crazy aunt that lived in California and only came to visit around the holidays. By the way, meme is pronounced meem rhymes with cream, not me-me or may-may which is where the grandma and crazy aunt references come from.

Now memes are the Internet's most fashionable, funny, poignant, and sometimes ruthless ways to communicate a point to the online audience. It only takes a couple of words and the right picture and your point or joke has been made.

There is a particular meme that has been very popular over the past few months. It's called "Distracted Boyfriend". It's basically a stock photo of a couple, a young man and young woman walking along a busy street. In the photo, the young man's attention is drawn to another young woman as she is passing by much to the disdain of his close female companion.

There have been thousands of versions of this meme published online but perhaps the best one was just tweeted by country music icon Dolly Parton. Okay, if you're a fan of Dolly and country music you will think more highly of it than if you're not a fan of country music.

The meme is based on the lyrics of one of Dolly's most iconic hits Jolene. A song in which Dolly pleads with a mystery woman named Jolene to not take her man. I think Dolly sums things up quite nicely in her Distracted Boyfriend meme.

You know what Dolly, it made me laugh out loud too. By the way here's Dolly's version of Jolene for you to enjoy.

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