America is a great place. You work, you get paid. It's a simple thing. And there are some situations in life that you should ALWAYS get paid for, according to the folks at Forbes, who know a thing or two about money. Their suggestions are below, and just remember, it's called business for a reason.

  • Show up at work, or attend a staff meeting without being on the company payroll. You need to be employed by them if they want you to actually be there.
  • Work on a company website or put together a marketing plan just to be 'nice'.
  • Interview potential employee candidates, or sit in on an interview
  • Work at a trade show booth, be in on a virtual client meeting, or visit clients or potential clients
  • Travel, representing your company
  • Develop a training program, or Power Point Presentation. You need to get paid for this, y'all!
  • Interview for a job more than three times
  • Work on solving a big company problem without being compensated for your time
  • Give out your personal contacts/networking list
  • Before getting hired, taking calls from someone in the company who just wants to 'pick your brain'. They can do that when they put you on the payroll.

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