Tis the season for holiday parties, and that means your company Christmas party too. Tulane business professor Dr. Mark Rosa says now that we’re out of the recession, he expects most companies will throw parties this year.

“The economy is doing much better. I think that would be fairly routine at this point for companies to offers some type of holiday get-together,” Rosa said.

Rosa encourages everyone to attend their company’s holiday party. He says corporations put on these events so that employees can get together and socialize. He says it’s important to circulate at the party and detach from technology.

“People don’t mingle enough. You end up hanging around with the people in your own department, and you don’t walk across the room to introduce yourself to somebody else,” Rosa said.

Rosa says people should avoid “talking shop” at their office parties and keep the conversation light, and they should avoid running out early. He says people can have fun at their company parties, but says moderation is key.

“I think everything is in moderation. We can drink, we can dance, we can be with our friends and colleagues, but it’s just everything in moderation,” Rosa said.


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