The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has unleashed a new visual display that is certainly going to be catching more than a few fleeting glances from motorists around the state. What makes these displays so incredible is their size. Each letter in the display that spells out D O T D is over six feet high. Another remarkable feature of the material that makes up each of these huge signs is where it came from.

These giant signs are made up of hundreds and hundreds of pounds of trash. Yep, litter that was tossed from vehicles along some of Louisiana's major roadways was picked up and turned into these reminders that it's not okay to trash our state.

As if the unsightly mess that hundreds of pounds of trash can create wasn't enough, here's another great reason to keep that litter in your car or not toss it in the bed of your truck. Picking up all that trash really costs our state a lot of money.

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development officials estimate that we, taxpayers like you and I, spent over $9,000,000, yes that's $9 million dollars, picking up trash. For that same amount of money, we could have overlayed 90 miles of highway in our state.

The giant DOTD signs have been strategically placed in all six of the DOTD's districts around the state. Hopefully, the presence of the large signs and the materials that were used to construct them will remind all of us that Louisiana is too precious and to pretty to dump trash on. I certainly hope that message gets to the people that need to hear it the most.

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