To me, a dove is one of the tasty game birds you can harvest. If you're a skilled shot and have a great recipe I'd like to be your friend during the upcoming dove season in Louisiana. So, to earn my keep I am going to remind you of changes in the upcoming season that will keep you out of trouble with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Thursday LDWF released a statement concerning changes in ammo restrictions for those that hunt dove on state wildlife management lands and leased fields. Hunters may no longer use lead shot when hunting doves. It's the same restriction that has been in place for duck and goose hunters already.

The change is intended to reduce the deposition of lead shot and potential effects of lead on wildlife. Current research has demonstrated that in dove fields and areas surrounding dove fields, deposition of lead is high and concentrations of lead is elevated in the soil.

There is also a size restriction on the shot. It may be no larger than size 6, so make sure you're packing the proper shells before you head out to the fields.

Dove season in Louisiana will open statewide on the 2nd of September. Hunters in the North zone of the state will be allowed to hunt September 2 through the 24th. Then again from October 7th through the 12th of November. The season in the North Zone will wrap up December 17th thru the 15th of January 2018.

South Zone hunters can take to the fields September 2nd through the 10th. Then they will have to wait until October the 7th to return to hunting. The second session of the South Zone season will run from October 7th to the 26th of November. The season then wraps up from December 17th through January 15th of 2018.

All hunters are reminded that there is a limit of 15 birds per day.

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