I like the New Orleans Saints football team. I really like the quarterback for the Saints, Drew Brees. Even if I didn't care for football or the Saints I still think I'd like Drew Brees and his wife Brittany. In the grand scheme of life, in the do unto others aspect of living, I would say Drew and Brittany "get it".

Reporter Julie Boudwin writes for NOLA.com and The Times Picayune and she has shared a story that shares another side of Louisiana's favorite quarterback.  In the story she quotes yet another writer, Stephen Maloney. Maloney wrote a blog piece for Huffington Post recently and shared how a gift from Drew and Brittany Brees made all the difference in the world when Maloney and his wife celebrated the birth of their child.  Here is a portion of that blog piece.

My wife and I were able to keep a watchful eye on our newborn son while he was in the NICU thanks to an unlikely ally -- New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Ochsner Baptist Hospital in New Orleans underwent a complete redesign in 2013 when it was moved from Ochsner's main campus to Ochsner Baptist. Each station is equipped with a Nicview webcam on a swiveling arm that allows the nurses and doctors to stream a live view of the tiny patients on secure feeds for parents to access.


And Drew Brees donated each and every one of those webcams through the Brees Dream Foundation, which he founded alongside his wife Brittany Brees.

A lot of us have heard of the Brees Dream Foundation. Many of you may have actually contributed to it in some way. It's good to hear and even better to know that our donations are being managed and manipulated in such a way that the greater good is being served.

Maloney was able to reach out to Drew Brees via e-mail and the two have corresponded about the cameras and how much they meant to not only Maloney but to all parents with infants in the NICU.  Says Brees,

My wife Brittany and I are very proud of the cameras we were able to donate to the Ochsner NICU. I'm not sure we truly realized at the time what an impact they would have. I've had countless people stop us on the street, including a few of my own teammates, to thank us for them. It's an amazing feeling to know something like that can mean so much to so many"


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