The third time wasn't a charm for Drew Barrymore. She and her husband Will Kopelman are getting a divorce after nearly four years of marriage.

She's 41 and he's 38. There were rumors swirling about this last week and they confirmed it on Saturday.

According to a friend, they had been having trouble for a while now and couldn't agree on where to live. Will's an art consultant in New York City. But Drew was spending more and more time at their place in Los Angeles.

They released a statement over the weekend saying they're "separating legally" but still think of each other as family.

They have a three-year-old named Olive, and another daughter named Frankie, who turns two this month.

Drew just did an interview back in October where she talked about how great a dad Will is. But then she also said the two of them are "polar opposites" in a lot of ways, and it definitely wasn't love at first sight when they met.

This is Drew's third divorce, but it was her longest marriage. (Not sure if that's something to brag about Drew.) She married a guy named Jeremy Thomas when she was 19 but divorced him two months later. Then she married Tom Green in 2001, and they split up after about five months.

No word if there was a pre-nup in this marriage, however, we would assume so as Drew comes from a lot of money and is said to be worth about $100 million.


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