Driving drunk is bad. Driving drunk and having an accident is worse. Driving drunk and having an accident that involves a cop car can't get any worse. Well for one intoxicated Mississippi woman, it did get worse. She crashed her car into the same police unit twice in one traffic stop.

A Kenner police officer on traffic patrol on Williams Boulevard noticed a pick up being driven in an erratic manner. The officer pulled the driver over and that's when the carnage began. Lt. Brian McGregor with the Kenner Police related to the Louisiana Radio Network what happened next.

"When they initially pulled her over, I guess she thought she was placing the vehicle in park but obviously she went in reverse and struck the Kenner Police unit,"

To add insult to injury, the Kenner officer then reversed his car to allow some space between his police unit and the suspect car. That's when, according to McGregor, things went from bad to worse for 46-year-old Debra Lynn White of Gulfport, Mississippi.

"She then backed up a second time and struck the unit a second time. Officers were finally able to get her out of the vehicle and she smelled of alcohol."

A field sobriety test was administered and a chemical blood test of the suspect was taken. The officer reported that the suspect, who was slurring her words, was clearly intoxicated. Ms. White was booked on charges of DWI, reckless operation, and aggravated flight from an officer.

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