Let's be honest, we've all seen some rather interesting things at  Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Granted most of those interesting things revolved around the people inside the terminal. This is a story something far more dangerous and far more serious than a bad Mardi Gras hat or a Red Dress Run refuge.

Police in New Orleans say a 23-year-old man was arrested for driving his passenger car on a live runway at the facility. Col. John Fortunato with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department told the Louisiana Radio Network,

We received a call from the 911 center about a motorist who reported witnessing a 2012 Dodge Challenger driving at a high rate of speed on the airport access road.

Kaleb Clement from Paulina was arrested after he left his vehicle and attempted to escape on foot.

The officers that were assigned to work at the airport were quickly dispatched to the location and that's when they saw him running toward Veteran's Blvd. and made the apprehension without incident.

Officers determined that Clement was driving impaired at the time and he has been charged with driving while intoxicated and one charge of hit and run driving.  Fortunately there were no aircraft arriving or departing or on the tarmac at the time of Clement's incident.

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