First of all, I'm not sure why an Orlando television station needs to be in New Orleans during the Super Bowl doing a report on STDs. But, that's exactly what happens in the following clip.

The reporter, Jessica Sanchez from Channel 6 in Orlando, gets interrupted by a drunk woman during her live report from Bourbon St.

What does Ms. Sanchez do? Asks the drunk if she wants to do an interview! After the woman says yes, she proceeds to tell her she is doing a story on STDs and proceeds to ask, "So, how long have you had an STD?"

The woman pretty much left after that, well, after she called the move "disrespectful" and gave a shout-out to her 49ers.

As you watch the video, I bet you will not end up a fan of this reporter. She just wreaks of "I'm too good for this town!"



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