We all know and love Uncle Si from "Duck Dynasty". Who we don't know however, is Si's Wife, Christine Robertson. I've never seen her on the show or at any "Duck Dynasty" media event. She wasn't even here at the Outdoor Expo awhile back when Uncle Si came to town. Si has always said she doesn't appear on the show because she has more sense than the rest of them. Si recently opened up about to US Weekly to reveal the real reasons.

"I always told people, 'She's got better sense than the rest of us,' but that ain't the real reason," Si told Us Weekly. "Sometimes we film 12 hours a day, and she's just not healthy enough to go through the rigors of that. But, ah, it ain't no big deal. She wants no part of it anyway. She's been married to me for 43 years. The last thing she needs is to watch us on a TV show."

"Celebrity life is not all it's cracked up to be! If I had a choice to go somewhere or stay home, I'd stay home. I'm a homebody. Christine's the same"


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