Louisiana duck hunters are being asked by the state's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to help in stopping the spread of an insect pest. That pest appears to attack and destroy Roseau cane. The spread of the pest appears to be linked to duck hunters in the state who unwittingly transfer stalks and bits of stalks of infected to cane to other hunting areas.

Wildlife and Fisheries managers are asking all hunters to stop tying their boats up to the Roseau cane and to stop using it for blinds. They are also asking all hunters to not harvest the cane to build a blind in another area. The collection and disbursement of the infected cane are how authorities believe an Asian scale insect crisis has spread so quickly throughout the state.

In addition to not cutting and collecting the infected cane, hunters are also encouraged to wash their boats, motors, trailers, and any other equipment that might have come in contact with the cane.

This quarantine currently affects 26 parishes and portions of 10 other parishes in the state. The quarantine restricts the transport of Roseau cane and the scale, and the transplanting of Roseau out of and within all areas south of Louisiana Highway 10.


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