Country music’s resident mentor Jennifer Nettles and soul singer Robin Thicke kicked off week 7 of ‘Duets’ competition with their jazzy rendition of the 1980 Queen rock classic ‘Crazy Little Thing About Love,’ setting the bar high for a night of live Standards performances from the remaining four hopefuls.

Before the competition even began, one contestant was forced to pack their bags following the first public voting after last week’s episode. America voted, and Robin Thicke’s teammate Olivia Chisholm was sent home after a shaky version of Lady Antebellum‘s ‘Need You Now’ last week. Both of Nettles contestants were safe, accounting for half of the remaining contestants.

Nettles and J Rome took the stage second to perform the Billie Holliday standard ‘God Bless the Child,’ which the Sugarland singer hoped would show the young hopeful’s versatility as a vocalist. Following the soulful performance, the remaining three judges had nothing but positive praise for the clear series frontrunner.

“Oh my gosh — I stood up three times and my foot is killing me,” said an injured Kelly Clarkson, who fractured her foot last week following a stumble onstage during a concert. “You’re so talented,” added Clarkson.

Robin Thicke echoed Clarkson’s thoughts, saying, “I have to agree with Kelly. That was a Grammy Award-winning performance right there. It was like you were doing a Billie Holliday tribute — and you were both superstars up there,” Thicke added, referring to J Rome’s vocal support from Nettles.

After giving J Rome his first taste of constructive criticism last week, John Legend had nothing but compliments for the young singer. “He just murdered that,” Legend said following the performance.

“I want this more than anything else in the world,” J Rome told the cameras just before taking the stage tonight. “Whether I win or lose this show, this is what I’m supposed to do.”

John Glosson had nothing but his support from his family and friends back home in mind tonight as the singer took the stage third to perform the Ray Charles classic ‘Georgia on My Mind.’ Nettles and Glosson not only share a big-voiced talented — but also love for their hometown of Douglas, Ga. After receiving some constructive criticism from Legend last week, Glosson redeemed himself with his spectacular vocals this week.

“That was the perfect amount, you know,” Legend said following the performance, referring to the amount of “syrup” involved in this week’s performance. The singer panned Glosson last week, telling the young hopeful that he felt the performance was “too syrupy.”

“I love pancakes and I love going to the Waffle House in Georgia,” Legend added playfully.

Technical issues kept Clarkson from enjoying the performance fully, but the Texas native gave Glosson the benefit of the doubt considering his good standing in the top half of the contestants this season. “In all honesty, I’m looking forward to watching you on television,” admitted the singer, referencing a microphone issue. “I could tell you were singing the heck out of it.”

Thicke kept the assessment positive, saying, “That was amazing. The song was perfect for your voice. Jennifer did an amazing job, too,” acknowledged the soul singer.

When it comes to landing in the Top 3, Glosson believes the top prize is still up for grabs for any of the four remaining contestants. “It’s anyone’s chance to win,” said the singer. “I’m doing my thing one day at a time.”

Nettles echoed Glosson’s speculation, saying, “You never know what will happen when America votes.”

One hopeful will be sent home at the beginning of next week’s episode following the second public voting of the series. Fans hoping to see Nettles’ two young proteges in the Top 3 can vote toll-free from landlines.

Call 1-855-952-5002 to vote for J Rome.

Call 1-855-962-5004 to vote for Glosson.

Tune in to ABC next Thursday evening at 7PM CT to find out if both of Nettles’ hopefuls make the cut!