It's Halloween in Acadiana. Tonight, thousands of ghost and ghoul costumed children will be Trick-Or-Treating around local neighborhoods. But with reports of inclement weather on the way, many have wondered why Trick-Or-Treating wasn't moved to a night with a more favorable forecast. City-Parish President Joey Durel stopped by “Mornings with Ken and Bernie” this morning for his weekly “Lafayette Live” segment to discuss the decision to keep Trick-Or-Treating on Halloween.

"It starts out for us that Halloween is on October 31," said the City-Parish President. "Rain was not a compelling reason to change it."

Durel acknowledged that while he has received calls from people asking for the event to be postponed, he also received many from people asking for Trick-Or-Treating to remain on Halloween. The decision, he said, was not as simple as issuing a statement moving the event, as many families have made arrangements expecting Trick-Or-Treating to take place on Halloween. Moving the event would force many to make last minute work arrangements, cancel Halloween parties, interfere with sports games and practices, conflict with school events, and would put police in a bind.

This is not a decision I make by myself, Police Chiefs around the parish weighed in and all said they wanted to keep it tonight. Police have budgets and schedules that they have to make weeks in advance. In the end the decision was made after hearing from a lot of people. - Joey Durel

Durel reaffirmed Halloween is ultimately about the kids, and they'll have fun regardless of the weather. However, if the weather is ugly, Durel suggests it might be safest for Trick-Or-Treaters remain in their own neighborhoods or consider an indoor alternative like the Acadiana Mall.

To listen to the full audio from the interview, click the play button below:

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