Our good friend Dustin Sonnier finally has a new CD out! It's called Country and features the smokin' hot new single "Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me", which we are proudly playing here on 97.3 The Dawg.

The disc features a total of six cuts including one "re-do" from his debut album (the song "Gonna Take a Little Jack" which he changed up slightly for the new record).

The album is just as you would expect from one of south Louisiana's premiere country voices, and just what the title implies -- it's country y'all! Themes of heartbreak, falling in love and drinking our baby goodbye, the music will resonate with all lovers of stone cold country.

In addition to physical hard copies of the CD, you can purchase the album on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify and at www.DustinSonnier.com.

Track listing for Dustin Sonnier's Country:

  1. I Said I Loved You But I Lied
  2. I See The Want To In Your Eyes
  3. It's Gonna Take a Little Jack
  4. Neither Do I
  5. Take It From the Top
  6. Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me

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