The music scene in south Louisiana has been hot for a long time now but we seem to be in quite the hot streak with great local country music. Think of all the great songs we're playing right now from the likes of Ken Holloway, Blaine Roy, Freddie Pate, Wayne Toups, just to name a few!

And we're glad to play them all and support great Acadiana artists here on 97.3 The Dawg.

Add another soon-to-be favorite to the list -- Dustin Sonnier's brand new single "Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me".

If you like a little steel guitar and fiddle mixed with a dash of hardcore, straight-to-the-gut, we've-lived-these lyrics, then this song will strike your fancy.

Dustin posted a sample of the song on his Facebook page yesterday.

The song is the lead single off of his forthcoming sophomore CD. As soon as we hear when the album will be available for purchase, we'll be sure to pass that info along.

In the meantime, keep listening to 97.3 The Dawg to hear "Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me" and we raise our proverbial glass to our good buddy Dustin Sonnier on making great country music.

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