The new album from Dustin Sonnier is finally here!

The Vatican native's new disc entitled "Between the Stones & Jones" is out today.

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If you're a fan of stone cold country music, then I assure you, this is the record for you. It features 14 great tracks including the lead single and title track, "Between the Stones & Jones."

Below is the complete track listing for the album.

  1. Ain't Got One Honky Tonk
  2. Alcohol Abuse
  3. Beer in the Tail Lights
  4. Between the Stones & Jones
  5. Dear Huntin'
  6. Hankin' Bout You
  7. Livin' In The Trailer Park
  8. Missin' You Mississippi
  9. Slow Hand
  10. The Way She's Looking
  11. Wake Me Up Tomorrow
  12. What She Don't Won't Hurt Her
  13. Drinkin' Alone
  14. People Like Me

The album has quite the depth to it. There's great tempo, a little tongue in cheek, and lots of cryin' in my beer kind of tunes.

The album is available right now via iTunes. You can also pick up a copy at Dustin's album release party on Saturday night (5/25) at Cowboys Night Club in Lafayette.

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