If you didn't get a stimulus check from the federal government, then soon you might be getting a Economic Impact Payment debit card, and these cards are real.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry just wants people to know that these cards that are coming from Money Network Cardholder Services are legitimate.

It can be very confusing because as the media we are constantly encouraging people to always be aware of scams, but this time, if you didn't get a check, you may be getting your stimulus money via this debit card.

It will arrive in your mailbox in a plain envelope, and inside it will be a Visa debit card.

Now, you will need to activate the card before you use it, and AG Landry says that will mean you will have to put in the last six digits of your Social Security number. He says he wants people to carefully read the paperwork that comes along with the debit card as the directions need to be followed correctly so you can use the card for things that you need.

Landry says,

It is great that Louisiana consumers are being cautious in the wake of the many Coronavirus scams we have seen. I want our State to know that the federal government is indeed sending debit cards to some people and that those recipients should follow all directions provided with the prepaid cards.

He says you can find out more information by visiting EIPCard.com. If you want to go to the bank and get cash from the card, Landry recommends visiting that website to see which banks will let you use their ATM machines without having to pay the fee.

The AG reminds people that while these cards are legitimate, don't let your guard down. If someone calls, texts or emails asking for your information or information about your card, hang up on them.


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