To be fair more than a few eyebrows were raised when former Governor Edwin Edwards announced he would seek the 6th Congressional seat. Edwards is a savvy politician and master motivator. His previous terms as Governor are a testament to his ability to work the system and win the hearts and minds of voters. Many in the media felt that a federal prison term would take its toll on the electability of one of state' most infamous political characters. If a recent poll is to be believe, it has not.

The University of Louisiana recently conducted an automated survey and to one political observer the fact that Edwards is leading the poll is not surprising. Dr. Pearson Cross says that Edwards name recognition over the other candidates is most likely the reason.

"Virtually everyone knows who Edwin Edwards is for good and bad, these other candidates, people are not too sure about them."

Cross' comments were published in a report filed by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

The survey showed that Edwards had 43% of the vote over his primary opponents, state senator Dan Claitor and coastal restoration expert Garret Graves. However with only 43% of the vote that would mean a runoff. That is where political pundits see Edwards undoing. Since the majority of the 6th District is Republican that likely hood of a candidate with a reputation for being a liberal Democrat being elected is small.  For most observers Edwards might win the battle but the war would be out of reach. 

Voters will go to the polls on November 4th of this  year.

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