The airwaves are full of them. Political commercials that tell the best and worst about each candidate. We've seen and heard the commercials for just about every candidate but one. Who is that candidate that is running an unusually quiet campaign but still is given a great chance at making the runoff? That candidate is former Governor Edwin Edwards.

Political analyst say that Edwards doesn't need television advertising to garner name recognition. Just about everyone in the state of Louisiana already knows who he is. Even with his legal issues and soiled reputation he still carries a pretty big stick in Louisiana politics and in the hearts and minds of voters.

"He's still very popular, he's still got a huge following in Louisiana, but is that enough to get him to win in this Republican District?"

That is the question posed by political analyst Bernie Pinsonat as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Pinsonat suggest that Edwards' popularity among voters even in the predominately Republican 6th Congressional District should be enough to get him into a runoff. It is like that in order to win that runoff that Edwards would have to spend some money on advertising.

At last report the Edwards campaign had just under $150-thousand dollars. Would that be enough to mount a media campaign? Most political pundits don't think so, but this is Edwin Edwards, a man who has no trouble getting cameras to follow him where ever he goes. Needless to say the 6th Congressional race will be one that will created a national buzz if Edwards is able to make the runoff.

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