It would be a story of rag to riches. It would be a story of political intrigue. It would be a story clandestine encounters and backroom deals. It would be a story of a fall from grace. It would be the story of the life of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards and there are rumblings that such a movie might be made. Although it probably won't be anytime soon. reported that there had been whispers that Leo Honeycutt, Edward's biographer, had been contemplating moving the book to the big screen. Honeycutt says the idea is not anywhere close to being a reality but is being considered. Honeycutt told The TImes Picayune that he did receive inquiries from six interested parties after the biography was first released but none of those inquiries were from inside the state.

Who would Honeycutt like to see in the lead role if and Edwards bio-pic were made? He says George Clooney has the right look and the right attitude. He also suggested that his dream director would be Steven Soderbergh because of his ties to the Baton Rouge area.

Who would you cast as Edwin Edwards if you were going to make a movie about him? It would have to be somebody that had an endearing charm and also possessed the ice water in the veins of a riverboat gambler. Regardless of who might play Edwards, you have to admit the story would be an interesting one to see. I just to know if it's true about the young ladies and the helicopters.

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