Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year. Not only does it bring in the cooler weather, but I get to wear the clothes that I feel my best in.

Ladies everywhere are ready to break out the jeans, leggings, big sweaters, and booties. However, one lady has some strong feelings about these outfit choices.

YouTuber and ‘elegance coach’ Anna Bey recently posted a video explaining her top ten fall fashion items that, in her opinion, makes a women less classy.

I’m sorry, what?

This woman has insulted every piece of fall clothing I have!

If you didn't catch all that she said, here are the trends Anna thinks make us ladies look less elegant.

1. Booties and Skinny Jeans

These are basically a staple for ladies in the fall and winter seasons. I personally find the pairing to be super cute and comfortable. However, Anna claims the look is "basic" and "not flattering for most body shapes." She is of the mind that booties look better when worn under pants.

2. Teddy Coat

These are simply long coats that look great with many different styles. Apparently, Anna thinks the jacket looks like a "morning robe" (who even calls it that?). In a nutshell, she thinks the coats make women look fat.

3. Cargo Style

Anna wasn't so brutal on this trend. However, she thinks that it isn't appropriate to run errands in because it is too casual. *Insert best eye roll gif here*

4. Open Toe Sandals

If it's too cold outside, I might just give you a strange look because...girl how ya toes not cold? But I don't think that it is a faux pas. Oh, but Miss Anna sure does. She said, "It kind of looks weird, to tell you the truth." Um, ma'am, maybe you're just the weird one.

5. Heavy-Knit Scarf

Based on what Anna said, it seems like the scarf itself isn't the issue. The fabric it's made from is the issue. Girl, if my neck is cold, I'm wearing the dang knitted scarf.

6. Leggings and Boots

I might be willing to fight over this one. I live in leggings and boots during the colder months because the comfy is real. If you ask Anna, she would say is makes women look careless and lazy. Well honey, call me lazy!

7. Plaid Shirts

Shockingly, Anna wasn't too hard on the plaid shirts either. However, if you wear one that is oversized, the look becomes "too downgraded."

8. Black Tights with Contrasting Shorts

I'm not really sure how to feel about this trend. I've never worn it personally, but Anna says "When there is a contrasting color, it breaks off and you actually look shorter." I might have to try it out, if only to say I did it because she said not to.

9. Black Tights with Contrasting Shoes

This is a staple for more than just the fall season. I was curious to know what she meant by "contrasting." Well, what Anna had to say was, "Ladies, don't wear black tights with beige shoes." And she lost me.

10. Oversized Sweater Dress

Anna and I would have had to fight once again on this one. However, she specified that the issue is only when the dress is too short. And if I'm being honest, this is the only one I can agree with her on.

Now that we have reviewed, I have one question. Excuse me Anna Bey, do they give out certificates for 'elegance coaches'? I think they misspelled some words on yours.

Bottom line ladies, where what makes you feel beautiful. If you feel elegant in the jeans and booties, wear them! Don't ever let someone else decide what makes you beautiful.

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