We've probably all done it at least once in our driving life. We've pulled off the pavement onto some soft ground and gotten stuck. Now imagine you're a long haul truck driver and you've pulled over to the side of Interstate 49 and you notice your trailer is starting to sink.

That's exactly what happened to a trucker who was making a run between New Orleans and Dallas on Tuesday. He pulled his tractor trailer rig to the shoulder of the roadway and the right side wheels slipped off the hard shoulder into the soft ground. The trailer began to tilt and could have been in jeopardy of tipping over if it weren't for the trucker's cargo.

The trailer contained two elephants that were being transported to Texas. The quick thinking trucker pulled the two pachyderms out of the trailer and had them lean up against the trailer preventing it from tipping over any further. Help was called and a tow truck arrived to pull the rig out the soft ground. The elephants were reloaded and the trucker continued on his way to Dallas.

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