In Hollywood, you sometimes have to take any job you can get. That seems to be the case for the robot used in Eli Young Band's new 'Say Goodnight' video. His unmistakable silver smile can be found during a script reading scene in the new Ben Affleck-directed thriller, 'Argo.'

Eli Young Band bassist Jon Jones confirmed to Taste of Country Nights radio host Jeremy Robinson that it's indeed the same robot who appears in both the music video and the 2012 movie.

"Have you seen the budgets for video shoots lately?" Jones asked while discussing the "recycled robot." The EYB player has not actually seen the film -- a true story about how the CIA went to Hollywood to help free six Americans hiding out in Iran after the November 1979 embassy takeover, which led to a 15-month standoff between the countries.

The robot scene in 'Argo' is one of very few that allow one to relax and even chuckle. (Semi-spoiler alert!) In the film, the production team has staged a reading of a fake movie script for the media in an effort to make Iranians believe the movie is actually being shot. The robot joins the other swarthy actors at the table to act out his parts.

It's here we learn that he isn't actually a robot, but a man dressed in a robot's costume! Intriguing, no? (If one is disappointed by this, refer back to Jones' comments about the borrowed bot) Read a full review of 'Argo' at our sister site, Screencrush. Taste of Country is looking into reports that the robot also landed a role as the next Bond girl.

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