It’s hardly been a month since Mike Eli — frontman of the Eli Young Bandbecame a dad, but his life has already changed drastically. The new addition to the family has also given Eli’s bandmates a taste of what life with a child is all about.

“It’s definitely a new dynamic for all four of us,” Eli tells Taste of Country, smiling as he spoke of his daughter, Kline. “When you meet your first child, it’s pretty incredible. A lot of people try to tell you how it’s going to feel… you can’t really explain it. It’s pretty amazing.”

Unfortunately for dad, the singer is in the thick of touring season, which has him gone in big chunks at a time. “I miss her,” he continues. “I’m ready to go back home — not that I don’t want to be [on the road], but I do miss her. This is a seven-day run we’re on right now, so that’s the longest I’ve been away from her since she’s gotten here.”

However, one of the new tour perks that comes with fatherhood is the amount of sleep that Eli once took for granted. ” Mike comes on the road to get some sleep now, where it used to be the other way around,” jokes EYB’s bassist Jon Jones. “He comes to the road and says, ‘Man, I’m so tired!’”

“There’s not a whole lot of sleep happening in my household these days,” Eli confirms with laughter, “but that’s a good thing!”

Next up for the Eli Young Band are a string of tour dates on the Changed Tour, featuring headliners Rascal Flatts. Click here for a full list of dates where the tour will be stopping.

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