We just added a swimming pool to our backyard. It really makes what was once just the dog's toilet look like a fabulous resort that the dog still uses as a toilet.

I am fast becoming acquainted with all the witchcraft and sorcery that is required to keeping your pool looking like a pool and less like a pond.

As you might imagine I have done a lot of Internet snooping about things to watch out for when owning a pool. It seems one of the biggest issues that most of us have after a nice swim is bright red eyes. You know the kind of eyes you might get traveling on a bus with Willie Nelson?

It turns out that according to the Centers for Disease Control that burning feeling you get in your eyes is the indirect result of urine in your pool. It seems that the bacteria in urine actually bonds with some of the chemicals used to keep the pool water clear and clean.

That bond of chlorine and pee bacteria is what makes your eyes sting and burn. The best way to prevent the burning is to not open your eyes underwater and have your guests refrain from going number one in the pool.

As for communal pools such as the ones you might find at lower budget hotels and some poorly maintained campgrounds, you might as well ask the people next door if you can wash your face in their toilet. 

Suddenly owning a pool doesn't seem quite as glamorous as it did before I wrote this.

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