Firefighters are used to making rescues during dire situations, but sometimes, they get called to the most unexpected situations.

Firefighters in Dalton, Georgia, recently were called to one of the most bizarre situations they've every encountered.

On Monday night, the city's firefighters were called to a home to make a rescue. It was no ordinary rescue, as they were asked to remove a wayward racoon from a home. The poor animal found his way into the house, but he couldn't find his way out. Firefighters caught the animal.

They also caught what might be the Kodak moment of the year.

I'm sure we can all relate to this raccoon. We've all had our moments where we've done something so stupid that we've facepalmed ourselves after the fact. Most of us--if not all of us--have had at least one of those moments caught on camera. This raccoon now is a member of that club.

It's okay, little buddy. It's okay.

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