OK, I know that spiders aren't bad people, they just look that way. OK, I know that spiders aren't even people, but this one is so huge it may as well be. Watch as seemingly out of nowhere, this nightmare inducing spider pops up out of the ground to attack a clueless cricket. I'm wearing a suit of armor everyday of my life now. Oh yeah, this isn't somewhere overseas, this in Nashville, Tennessee.

The legs on this spider seriously look as big around as my pinky finger. The spider is so big, it makes the cricket look like a little baby. This is an African Red Trapdoor Spider and was filmed by Andrea van Veggel. I'm not certain if this spider is her pet, but I sure hope so, and she better never lose it. You hear me Andrea?

He pops up from the ground where he's been hiding to eat our cats, just waiting for one to walk by so he can pounce and eat it's soul and heart. I guess a cat never passed by so he decided to settle for this cricket. The cricket never saw it coming, and never knew what hit him.

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