Imagine walking out into your back yard and within minutes being covered with hundreds of ants. Imagine your pets not wanting to go into their backyards because of the ant infestation that is waiting to attack.

As sickening as it might sound, this is not science fiction, this is science fact and the Environmental Protection Agency has given an emergency exemption for a pesticide designed to stop the problem.

The Tawny Crazy Ant problem is now present in 18 Louisiana Parishes and just recently the federal government has given clearance for an emergency exemption on the the pesticide Termidor SC. This product can be used specifically to combat what sounds like a horrific problem for homeowners.

"It gets to the point where you go in your yard and you have hundreds of ants on you in about five seconds.  And your pets don't want to go in the yard because there are so many ants.  And the ants just totally displace everything else out in the yard."

LSU Entomologist Dennis Ring made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network regarding the tawny crazy ant situation. The good news about these ants is they do not bite or sting. They have been named crazy because they tend to run around haphazardly with not particular method to their motion.

It is hoped the application of the Termidor SC will quell the outbreak of these nuisance ants and help home owners regain the use of their property. The pesticide cannot be dispensed by homeowners it must be applied by a licensed pesticide applicator.

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