You did not need to be told that it is hot outside. What you might not know is that no matter what time of day or night you are reading this it will be true, at least for much of the next few days. The fact that the daytime temperatures are reaching into the high 90 degree or low 100 degree range during the afternoon is bad enough. What makes it worse is at night the temperature is not dropping below 80 degrees. When you have a heat index at 3am, it's hot.

An excessive heat warning has been posted for most of South Louisiana. This includes the cities of Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, and New Orleans.  An excessive heat warning means just what we've described in the above paragraph. Very hot temperatures and heat indices during the day and temperatures not falling below 80 degrees for at least two days in a row.

This advisory is meant to remind people that heat and heat related illnesses can be fatal. Do you know the symptoms of heat stroke? Do you know the symptoms of heat stroke in your pets? You should make yourself very familiar with these warning signs because prompt action is necessary if you notice these symptoms in yourself or in someone else. The steps you take could literally save a life.

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