(WWL-TV) Speculation for the collapse of the ill-fated New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel in 2019 has not been a big secret. Steel beams on the 16th floor of the hotel, according to OSHA, were "grossly underdesigned". Until now, officials really didn't know why the design of the beams was changed from the original architectural plans.

The new OSHA report claims the 81 steel beams on the 16th floor of the hotel were not strong enough to support the upper three floors of the structure. The beams were greatly undersized according to a report attained by WWL-TV in New Orleans.

The documents show the owner of the project wanted a 205-foot building with lofty penthouse ceilings, a pool deck and a rooftop bar, but the changes he ordered in March 2018 would have exceeded the city’s 190-foot height restriction. -WWL-TV

The design team stuck to the 190-foot building restriction but in order to get the high ceiling they wanted, in 2018, they changed the structural plans that called for a substantial reduction in the size and thickness of the steel beams on the 16th floor. Ultimately causing the building to fail.

The newly designed beams were not strong enough to support the weight above the 16th floor. The structure became overloaded and collapsed.

Three workers were crushed, others injured.

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