I'm not a big conspiracy theorist, but I do like a good mystery, even if I didn't actually know it was a mystery until now! Turns out some of the most famous corporate logos actually have hidden meanings behind them. Intentionally, or not, these are pretty fascinating! Check out some of our favorites below, or watch the whole video for an eye opening view of some pretty cool hidden gems.

  • Coca Cola - in between the C and O in Cola is perfect representation of the Danish flag. They also have a logo that only color blind people can see!
  • Nike - the now famous logo was designed by a student in 1971 who only got paid $35 for it. It represents arched movement. And Nike was the Winged Goddess of Victory in ancient Greece.
  • Mercedes-Benz -the three pronged star, the only logo the company has ever used, represents the connection between land, sea, and air
  • Northwest Airlines - the circle and the triangle in the logo say both N and W, and represent a compass, which points to north west
  • Audi - the four connceted rings symbolize the four original German car manufacturers
  • Apple - supposedly the multi colored apple with a bite taken out of it represents lust, knowledge, hope, and anarchy. But the founders have never revealed the truth behind this iconic symbol of technology!
  • McDonalds - the golden arches were allegedly designed to resemble the female chest!


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