Allow us to introduce you to someone who won't win any Father of the Year awards anytime soon.

Police say a father wore a clown mask and chased his 6-year-old daughter around the neighborhood. Vernon Barrett Jr. says he was simply trying to discipline his daughter by putting on the clown mask and chasing her through the neighborhood.

According to the police report, the 6-year-old jumped into a stranger's car and then ran down the street and into a stranger's apartment. She screamed to the family that a clown was chasing her.

When the family looked out the window and saw the clown-wearing father, the man in the house, Dion Santiago, fired a gunshot into his yard but missed Barrett.

Barrett was charged with child endangerment while Santiago was charged with using weapons while intoxicated.

What a lovely neighborhood.

On top of all that, police say the girl's mother is currently serving jail time for child endangerment after being convicted of breaking four of the girl's ribs.

Barrett says his daughter was having behavioral issues and he decided to scare her instead of spanking her because of what her mother did to her.

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